The Boy and the Moth; Colling Realms, a cross exhibition by Anselme Alma Servain and Katarina Head

The Boy and the Moth ポスター。 タイトルと、アンセルムの抽象的な写真、カタリナの人型のようなモチーフが見えるコラージュ作品が大きく配置されているThe Boy and the Moth ポスター。 概要文テキスト。

少年と蛾; 衝突する領域 カタリナ・ヘッド  アンセルム・アルマ・サーベイン二人展

2024年7月3日(水) – 7月5日(金)
開場: 10:30 (7/3 12:00) 閉場: 19:00(7/5 15:00)
<アーティストトーク 7月3日 (水) 17時から>





2024.07.03 Wed. – 07.05 Fri.
Open: 10:30 (07.03 12:00)
Close: 19:00 (07.05 15:00)
<Artists Talk 07.03 Wed. from 17:00>


Colliding realms is an exhibition by artists Katarina Head and Anselme Servain, showcasing their collaborative journey through the realms of body, movement, and alternative realities.
Distorted bodies, surreal landscapes, and the undercurrent of human interaction within an unfamiliar space, invite viewers to engage with intuitive creation and collaborative processes between two artists from different visual realms.
Showcasing both old and new works created specifically for this event, both artists explore the intricate links between their respective practices and between photography and painting.

b. 1999, Anselme A. Servain is a French photographer currently studying at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, Netherlands (Graduating in 2025). He graduated from a bachelor’s in French literature from Sorbonne Université in Paris in 2020. He is based between Paris and The Netherlands.

b. 1998, Katarina is a British-Estonian visual artist primarily focused on the medium of painting and combined photographic collage. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague with a BA in Fine Arts (2022). She is based in the UK and Netherlands.


翻訳・通訳協力:miyo sally, Pardis

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