Ai Weiwei part 1Part 2
I’m fighting for freedom of speech. I never settle for less. I don’t engage in negotiation.
Interview: ART iT

Ando Tadao and Sugimoto Hiroshi
Creating an alternative world: What is the ideal art museum architecture?
Text: ART iT

Aoyama Satoru
Stitches in time
Text: Uchida Shinichi (ART iT)  

Araki Nobuyoshi
When you think about death you also start to think about life. A lust for life wells up inside.
Interview/text: Kitazawa Hiromi


Michaël Borremans
A world of ‘quiet mystery’
Text: Uchida Shinichi (ART iT)


Cao Fei
A bridge between art and pop culture: that what I want to be
Interview: Oyama Hitomi

Marcus Coates
What does trying to be a bird say about being a human?
Interviewer: Jonathan Watkins (Director of the Ikon Gallery)

Colin Chinnery, Director, ShContemporary 2009
The future in China is in the hands of new generation of Chinese collectors.
Interview: ART iT


Olafur Eliasson
The sense of harmony is probably more a sense of uncertainty
Interview: ART iT

Roe Ethridge
A fugue of flowers and horses
Text: Yamauchi Hiroyasu


Subodh Gupta
Disarmingly pragmatic about the Indian art boom
Text: Chaitanya Sambrani


Hachiya Kazuhiko
Giving shape to the imagination
Interview: Sumitomo Fumihiko

Higashionna Yuichi and Ukawa Naohiro
Channeling the myriad contradictions of reality into their art
Moderator/text: Uchida Shinichi (ART iT)

Roni Horn
On This is Me, This is You
Text: Matsuura Naomi


Runa Islam
I try to place the spectator in the dialogue, to make them find their own orientation.
Interview: Milovan Farronato


Alfredo Jaar
The balance between ethics and aesthetics
Text: Matsuura Naomi


Kaneuji Teppei
The pleasure of 1 + 1 > 2
Text: Uchida Shinichi (ART iT)

Kataoka Mami, Curator, ShContemporary ‘DISCOVERIES’
I think it’s important to have a balance between the artistic value and the economic value of a work.
Interview: ART iT

William Kentridge part 1part 2
The absurd as dislocated logic, which is the only way to make sense of the world.
The work becomes a reflection of who makes it.
Interview: ART iT

Kimura Yuki
Creating a place that counterbalances images and their physical medium
Interview: Matsuura Naomi

Kitagawa Fram part 1part 2
For me, more important than the art is the festival. It is a festival of the land.
Interview: ART iT

Kusama Yayoi
A message of love for all eternity
Text: Yanashita Tomoko

Konoike Tomoko
One doesn’t have to be an adventurer to have little adventures; and there’s something about doing that we all secretly enjoy.
Interview: ART iT


Mise Natsunosuke
Things we have no choice but to call art
Text: Yamagishi Kaoru (ART iT)

Miyake Saori
The sense of a person has wider contours
Interview/text: Matsuura Naomi

Miyanaga Aiko
‘Once in a lifetime’ art marking time and memories
Text: Ozaki Tetsuya (ART iT)


Naito Rei (2009)
I want to share quietly the ephemerality and fragility of the things that affect me deep inside
Text: ART iT

Nara Yoshitomo
Thanks to APT, now conscious of the Asia-Pacific as one big region
Text: Hara Hisako

Shirin Neshat (2006)
Once you get involved with teamwork, it’s automatically a collaborative process
Interview: Olivia Hampton

Ernesto Neto 
Isolation bound to the universe
Text: Sumiyoshi Chie

Carsten Nicolai 
Crossing genres with ease
Text: Kunisaki Susumu


Odani Motohiko 
A return to sculpture, and new departure for the future
Text: Uchida Shinichi (ART iT)

Ohtake Shinro
Constant thoughts of pictures never done before
Interview: ART iT


Suhanya Raffel
We respect local art forms made according to local histories
Interview: ART iT

Pipilotti Rist (2009)
I’m merely giving color back to the world, coming close to reality.
Interview: ART iT

Pipilotti Rist (2008)
A drop of humor for parched minds
Text: Kojima Yayoi

Thomas Ruff
I make investigations that ask people to become aware of what they are looking at.
Interviewer: Iida Takayo (Independent curator) Text: ART iT


Navigating the future
Text: Onishi Wakato

Sawa Hiraki
I tend to be in limbo to start with, and insert lies in each piece as I go along.
Interview: Ito Toyoko

Shiga Lieko
Experiencing images through the body – a song as bridge
Interview: Sumitomo Fumihiko

Combining the cutting edge with something that feels vaguely familiar.
Interview: Rachel Carvosso

Song Dong
A mother alive even after death
Interview: ART iT

Tse Su-Mei
Echoes between West and East
Text: Yanashita Tomoko


Originality manifested in what we choose
Interview: ART iT

Takagi Masakatsu
The thing I want to savor more than anything else is the ‘source’ from which the work originates. All I really want to do is to touch it, to get truly close to it.
Interview: ART iT

Tao Soju
Creative endeavor as game spectator
Text: Yanashita Tomoko

Wolfgang Tillmans
Exhibiting the ‘now’
Text: Iida Shihoko


Yang Fudong
Of the myriad possibilities for expression,I was most taken with moving imagery, with film.
Interview/text: Oyama Hitomi

Yanagi Miwa
Themes of life and death, past and future, everyday and festive. A drive to produce art for the next generation.
Interview: ART iT

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