■ Advertisement Menu

1. Banner Plan
●Upper Banner Plan
This will be put in the first page.
Price \300,000 JPY / 2 weeks \550,000 / 1 month
Banner size 820 × 120 px

●Middle Page Banner Plan
This will be put in the first page.
【 Plan-A 】
Price \220,000 JPY / 2 weeks \400,000 / 1 month
Banner size 250 × 108 px
【 Plan-B 】
Price \250,000 JPY / 2 weeks \450,000 / 1 month
Banner size 390 × 108 px

●Lower Page Banner Plan
It will be displayed in the bottom part of all pages.
Price \200,000 JPY / 2 weeks \360,000 / 1 month
Banner size 120 × 90 px

2. Text Plan
● E-mail magazine Plan
We post text advertising at the beginning of ARTiT’s E-mail magazine that is delivered every Wednesday.
About 200 characters in Text, \50,000 / Wednesday (1 time).

●Twitter Plan
We deliver advertisement on ART iT’s Twitter (40,000 followers) .
Within 140 characters, \30,000/ Delivered at desired date (1 time).

3. Tie-up Article Plan
ART iT editorial department creates an article such as “recommended exhibition” and “news” categories and it will be released same as other articles.
About 1000 characters in Text, 3 to 5 images, 150,000 JPY to 200,000 JPY / to be released at desired date.

*Contents of advertisement will be examined.

*List price is without tax.

*Advertisement rates and menus are subject to change without notice due to the circumstances of our company.

■Please note that the following items cannot be posted.

· Advertisements that are not targeting ART iT attributes
· Advertisements that may impair the quality of ART iT
· Advertisements that violate laws, government ordinances, ministerial ordinances, ordinances, treaties, industry regulations, etc.
· Advertisement with expressions that contradict public order and morals such as:
1. Affirming and beautifying crime
2. What seems to contravene young people’s protection and development in terms of sexual expression
3. Things that may cause discomfort to the user
4. Defrauding Commercial Law, What is deemed fraudulent
5. Slanders and human rights violations
· Advertisements that would violate privacy
· Advertisements with unauthorized use of portraits, trademarks, copyrights, etc.
· Other advertisements that we deem inappropriate
About advertisement
File format: JPEG, PNG or GIF
File size: 150 KB or less
For animation banner, less than 30 seconds · less than 5 frames per second


■ Inquiries concerning advertisements

Please contact me if you want media materials.

TEL: 03-5766-1335
ART iT Advertisement in charge

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