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For our activities, We are sponsored by the following companies and organizations.



Social Welfare Corporation Zenkoukai

From the thought of becoming an opportunity to know the pleasure of "creation" and joy of "feeling", Zenkoukai regularly hold workshops by professional artists. We are also proactively introducing contemporary art.

Fisco Co, Ltd

Contemporary art reflects the situation and problems of modern society and has one aspect that finds out the future outlook referring to the past. FISCO that looks for deep understanding and insight into investment and market rates adopts the sensitive power of contemporary art and supports its development.

NCXX Group Inc.

The creation of "fun" that NCXX realizes but never existed requires the fundamental "joy" and understanding of "impression" of human beings. We believe that deepening our understanding of contemporary art, which is one of expression forms of contemporary sensibility, will help to create rich foundation in Ncxx's business. that aims to understand the sensible value of the trip and respond to the strong preferences of travelers supports activities related to the spread and understanding of art.

WebTravel Co.,LTD

Contemporary art has an aspect that reflects the close relationship with the climate of the land and finds value. Web trip, a custom-made travel company, supports modern art.

Fisco Diamond Agency Inc.

It is immeasurable how much influence the contemporaneousness and sociality of contemporary art has given to the creativity of advertisement. We support the development and understanding of contemporary art.

Care Systems Co.,Ltd.

Through evaluation and survey of social welfare projects, we are engaged in social contribution activities with the aim of providing higher quality services and improving user satisfaction. We participate in the field of contemporary art to support young artists in the flank.



Versatile Inc.

Care Dynamics Limited

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