Mona ハトゥム exhibition exhibition pictorial record

Now temporary exhibition “winning the tenth Hiroshima prize memory Mona ハトゥム exhibition” held. By the book exhibition becoming the first private exhibition of Mona ハトゥム in Japan, I add it to a conventional masterpiece and show a new work for Hiroshima for the first time.
A lot of display scenery in this museum publish it in the book exhibition pictorial record in addition to an abundant work plate, too. It is the contents including the text which message from Mona ハトゥム and Edward W Saeed discussed about Mona ハトゥム worth with fascination reading.

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Greetings sponsor
Greetings 広島市長松井一實
Preface Shuji Takashina
Art of the message Mona ハトゥム exile from an artist: It is bank Motoko Hama (Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art chief curator) chronological history apart from the place where there should be logic Edward W Saeed non-reversion Patricia Falguiere of the thing which cannot get on of Mona ハトゥム
List of exhibition
Summary of the Hiroshima prize

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A price: 2,800 yen (tax-included) /B5 transformation /183 page / Japanese-to-English bilingual design: Rie Shimoda
Issuance: Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art

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