Review: Voice of Void by Ho Tzu Nyen

Text: Jung-Yeon Ma
Ho Tzu Nyen’s solo exhibition “Voice of Void” was presented at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] from April 3 to July 4, 2021. At the beginning of the talk with the artist and the production team held at the opening of the exhibition, the question was posed: “Why the Kyoto School now?” …

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Pedro Reyes

Pedro Reyes’ Puzzles By Octavio Zaya Installation view of Mutantes (Mutants, 2012) at LABOR, Mexico City. All images: Courtesy Pedro Reyes and LABOR, Mexico City. The Mexican gallery LABOR has opened its new space with a solo exhibition by PedroView More >

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Naoya Hatakeyama

Lines, Models and Other Illusions By Aveek Sen Installation view of TWENTY-FOUR BLASTS 2011 (2011). Courtesy Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Architects continue to think and work towards the completion of architecture. But every step closer to completion takes somethingView More >

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Lieko Shiga

The Resistant Photograph: A Day with Lieko Shiga By Aveek Sen Angry Lily (2007), from the series “Canary.” Image © and courtesy Lieko Shiga. I had always felt that somewhere in the depths of my photography there had to beView More >

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Praneet Soi

Five Steps Toward an Eight-Year Manifesto By Praneet Soi I Still from Kumartuli Printer, Notes on Labor Part 1 (2010), slide installation of 80 transparencies with rotary slide projector. Courtesy Praneet Soi. Standing at the immigration hall at JFK, fatigueView More >

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An African in Guangzhou

A unique urban ecology prompts a new look at globalization. By Naohiko Hino Photo Naohiko Hino. Extending from the interior of the mainland to the southern regions west of Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta is home to Guangzhou, China’sView More >

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Minoru Shimizu: Critical Fieldwork

Observations on Contemporary Art in Japan: Index 6: Collage, Pop Art, Clyfford Still: Kaneuji Teppei’s Post-Something at Shugo Arts 5: For the Shomei Tomatsu: Hues and Textures of Nagasaki exhibition Part III: Darkness and colors 4: For the Tomatsu Shomei:View More >

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Anish Kapoor

Interior Homelands: Anish Kapoor in Mumbai and Delhi By Aveek Sen My Red Homeland (2003), wax and oil-based paint, hydraulic motor, steel block. Courtesy Anish Kapoor and Lisson Gallery, London. In Italo Calvino’s Cosmicomics, among the little stories about theView More >

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Nam June Paik

Video WallPaik By Barbara London A version of this text previously appeared in the publication The Electronic Super Highway – Travels with Nam June Paik (Holly Solomon Gallery, New York, and Carl Solway Gallery, Cincinnati, 1994). The author has revisitedView More >

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Is it I, or is it not I?

Four essays on art and blindness. By Aveek Sen I By God! if wommen hadde writen stories. – Chaucer, “The Wife of Bath’s Prologue” in The Canterbury Tales. In the early years of the 1810s, the dusk of the firstView More >

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