“Dry it, and Shigenobu Shinkai of the tenth anniversary of the National Art Center, Tokyo opening ge

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■Exhibition summary
Memorialize the debut 15th anniversary of animation supervision, Makoto Shinkai, “dry it, and get a saw”, “is から ‘Your Name.’ Shigenobu Shinkai I hold まで.
The work of Makoto Shinkai approaches in human essence by describing “the story of the man and woman passing each other beautifully in the magnificent world”. A person meets a person and passes each other and lets a heart design to swing crystallize into a high story of the completeness, and the work group drawing a character and the world vividly attracts many people across a border in a generation.
The book exhibition looks back toward the trace for 15 years of such Makoto Shinkai through the display such as a storyboard and the drawing that are a valuable production document, a setting document or the picture. “A child chasing a star who challenged real ジュブナイルファンタジー exceptional long run and “5 centimeters per second” that it is, and is still handed down enthusiastically in spite of being the single hall screening “the other side of the cloud, the place of the promise” that “dry it, and get a saw”, and challenge から, group production, and do the initial work which dealt with most work alone in a first long piece work, and won movie contest animation movie Prize every day,” it is picture literature for the digital age and “garden of the language” which should say and record most new work ‘Your Name.’ which made a big hit I completely cover all までを and press the charm of the animation work of Makoto Shinkai.

From Saturday, November 11, 2017 to Monday, December 18

■Closed day
Every Tuesday

■Opening time
From 10:00 to 18:00
※Friday and Saturday until 20:00
※Until 30 minutes before the entrance closing it

National Art Center, Tokyo plan exhibition room 2E
〒 106-8558 7-22-2, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

National Art Center, Tokyo, Asahi Shimbun, TOHO, TV Asahi, CoMix Wave Films, amuse

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■Viewing charges (tax-included)
On the day 1,600 yen (the public) 1,200 yen (university student) 800 yen (high school student)
Booking / group Bringing (I include one attendant) is no charge for admission with less than 1,400 yen (the public) 1,000 yen (university student) 600 yen (high school student) junior high student and a disability certificate

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