sign language – Groovisions

[Title] sign language
[Artist] Groovisions
[Date] April 11 – June 11, 2002

Made in collaboration with the design group Groovisions for the second time since 2001, the window display joyfully mixes illustrations of “hands,” the French word “la main” (which means “The hand”), and products in the shape of “hands.”
In the front right is the 2002 Spring/Summer collection centered on prêt-a-porter. Inside the lighting box situated in the middle of the window, there is an illustration of the alphabet from A to Z in sign language. Installed in the front left is a device that flips one picture after another, showing six alphabets that express the French word for “The hand” (=”LA MAIN”). In addition to the six alphabets from the French word, this machine, which is reminiscent of a retro digital clock, displays a total of thirty images of products, mainly from the Spring/Summer collection. The colorful products, as well as the graphical signs of the hands flipping one after another, make the viewer feel lighthearted and amused. In the background of the small windows, there are photographs of this year’s Cadena, which embodies the hand motif. The theme will no doubt be conveyed in the embossment of “2002 ANNEE DE LA MAIN” on the product.
The theme “The hand” embraces the functional aspect of making an object or drawing a picture, but also extends in other diverse directions. “Sign language,” moreover, is a way of communicating information such as language and sound through the expression of the hand. As a means of “communication,” window displays are somehow similar to sign language in conveying various intentions and information to passers-by. In this regard, it is perhaps extremely appropriate to use the motif of “sign language” in a window display.

Groovisions is a design group founded in Kyoto in 1993. They moved to Tokyo in 1997. Known for their hit character “Chappie,” they have been active in various fields, surpassing the realm of design. Some of their activities include art direction for the Eames Design Exhibition (Tokyo), and participation in the Super Flat Exhibition (LA).

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