Cote d’Azur – Satoshi Hirose

[Title] Cote d’Azur
[Artist] Satoshi Hirose
[Date] July 31 – September 23, 2003

Satoshi Hirose’s window display adds the sub-theme of “Voyage/Movement” to “The Mediterranean.” What is expressed is the world of sea and desert. Although “The Mediterranean” evokes the image of blue sea, there exist on the other hand dry areas. Hirose captures the theme of “The Mediterranean” not only as the sea but also including surrounding regions, rethinking the meaning that history and the sea have given to human beings.
In accordance with the changes of each age, Hermès has evolved to present a vast range of products from harnesses to travel goods. Remarking this fact, the artist chose a large travel bag. In the front left expressing the “sea,” there are, in addition to the bag, hats and scarves from the 2003 Fall/Winter collection. Displayed under the glass upon which these products are presented are Hirose’s own acrylic cubes, “Beans Cosmos.” Customized for Hermès’ window, the cubes carry sand from the Sahara Desert inside. In the front right is 400kg of sand of an elegant reddish colour, expressing “Sahara Desert.” Behind three torsos which are placed inside acrylic boxes, products are displayed as if they were being buried in the sand. The contrasting windows on the left and the right allow one to enjoy simultaneously the opposing aspects of “wet” and “dry.”
Trapped inside acrylic cubes in the small windows, products such as watches and necklaces float among the blue lighting, arousing a strange sensation.
The concept of the Mediterranean as extending to the Sahara Desert was only possible because of Hirose, who currently lives in Italy. And within the work, the 2003 Fall/Winter collection is playfully displayed.

Satoshi Hirose
Born in 1963. Having moved to Italy in 1991, Hirose currently lives in Milan. Hirose is known for works that appeal to the senses such as smell and touch, or works with themes of voyage. Recently, he has been working on “Beans Cosmos,” where he places beans inside an acrylic cube, showing glimpses into a unique microcosm.

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