La Baie des Anges

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A VOUS DE JOUER ! / L’amour et le hazard

Bay of Angels

1963 / France / 85min / Black and White / Blu-ray

Director and Writer: Jacques Demy
Cinematography: Jean Rabier
Music: Michel Legrand
Editor: Anne-Marie Cotret
Production and Costume Design: Bernard Evein
Costume Department (Jeanne Moreau) : Pierre Cardin
Cast: Jeanne Moreau, Claude Mann, Paul Guers, Henri Nassiet, Nicole Chollet, André Certes, Conchita Parodi

Jean, a hardheaded banker, is invited to a casino by a colleague and wins big. Suddenly loaded with cash and transformed into a compulsive gambler, Jean begins spending his days at the casino while rooming on the cheap in the coastal city of Nice. One day he meets the beautiful blonde Jackie, also a casino denizen, and they start to operate together.
A man who falls into the games’ world of intuition and momentum, and the woman who fascinates him. A romantic drama depicting the elegant and decadent summer escapism of men and women hooked on games of chance. Michel Legrand’s lush score sweetens and brightens the mood of the film.

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