Kumamoto-jo Castle X special effects art castle tower reproduction project exhibition

By this “castle tower reproduction project,” a professional of the special effects art reproduces Kumamoto-jo Castle (the castle tower, Uto oar) on a scale of 1/20 precisely. A miniature set reflecting the image of cityscape of Shiroshita is produced in total and can have you enjoy photography of the force like the special effects movie in this set in the exhibition meeting place.
 By Kumamoto earthquake of 2016, Kumamoto-jo Castle which was the symbol of the town caught the heavy damage, and the damage situation gave a hometown citizen a big shock. In Kumamoto-jo Castle where restoration construction follows, many parts become still put under ban of an entrance. This “castle tower reproduction project” catches such situation and is the plan that Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto gets a setup, the agreement of many various places and great cooperation with special effects art director, Mitsuike Toshio from Kumamoto together saying “I can help Kumamoto” and realized. I am on the way to the restoration construction and cannot see the real castle tower directly, but I make full use of the technique of the miniature special effects that developed in the history of the filmmaking by the book exhibition and reproduce Kumamoto-jo Castle which is a pride of Kumamoto in front of and tell you about the charm in a form only by the special effects art now.
 I introduce the past, the present, the future of Kumamoto-jo Castle through a photograph, a picture or a real thing document with a miniature in the meeting place. In addition, the Aso-jinja Shrine tower gate destroyed completely by an earthquake besides reappears on 1/20 scale and is displayed.
 The scar of the earthquake disaster is still chopped in each place of the town, but a book exhibition supports revival from the field of culture and is happy if I make a help for citizen’s to describe a future image of Kumamoto.

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