If “交 is bad”; exhibition pictorial record

Temporary exhibition introduces exhibition pictorial record of as “the art which founds “it is between it” if 交 is bad”. This pictorial record consisting of two of a concept book and the document book. Eight essays by the charge curator introduce an exhibition consisting of eight space by 16 writers who continues producing a thread and cloth, fiber to material in addition to display scenery in this museum. I see it and meet it and I read and meet it and am finished in the one which there is together.

The design is a thing by Shoichi Onishi as well as a flyer and a poster. I keep on being particular about a book jacket and the binding, and the view of the world of the exhibition is expressed.

Concept book

Document book

| Table of contents |
concept book
Venue map + work index
Exhibition writer profile
Of general remarks / “art” “thread” opening “is between it” and “intention” Koji Takeguchi (Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art arts and sciences project manager) document book
Venue scenery (all colors)
Eight sets of display commentaries
List of works

| Specifications |
A price: 3,250 yen (tax-included) /A5/ Japan and Britain bilingual 28 pages thread binding booklet +80 page codex 装, a design, the production of books design with the bound volumes cover (foil-stamp): Masakazu Onishi translation: Meredith McKinney print: Live art books issuance: Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art

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