〈 event 〉 Kiichi Fujiwara X Yasumasa Morimura “is talked with memory”: I think about the 20th centur

Special talk Kiichi Fujiwara X Yasumasa Morimura>

A now temporary exhibition held “Yasumasa Morimura :” As a program of the art of the top of the requiem – battlefield to someone concerned, I hold a memory talk by a guest and the writer person himself in particular.
I invite Mr. Kiichi Fujiwara of the political scientist who I am known for writing such as (Kodansha, 2001) to “memorize war”, and plays an active part in the news programs of TV and talk about a phenomenon in the 20th century with Mr. Yasumasa Morimura. Look in conjunction with the talk of two people who are rarely seen, an exhibition by all means.

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Date and time Saturday, November 27, 2010 from 14:00 to 15:30
Detailed http://www.hcmca.cf.city.hiroshima.jp/web/main/morimura.html Kiichi Fujiwara (Fujiwara, きいち)
I was born in Tokyo for 1,956 years.
A political scientist, a professor at Tokyo University law department. The specialty is international political science, comparison political science, a Southeastern Asian study.
“Realism (2005) of the peace” which “memorizes war” in a book (2001).

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