It is a -/AGAIN Hideki Imoto ひびびびび exhibition with Kagawa, range art festival coo

 ”NPO corporation Kagawa, a manufacturing school” hosts “Kagawa, the range art festival” held in Kagawa in 2016 and is an art festival held every 2013 through 3. I melt into the life of the people of the mountain area of the prefecture including a production period, and a work coexists with the artist who invites public participation at this art festival in the whole country, and was selected and I pray for some kind of actions being born from there and am held. Because it shall be transient by the art culture that is going to take root in the area by such an approach, and there is not it, I have a participation writer cooperate and incise the charm that the work has once again in an art museum on the heart of people deeply and hold an exhibition when I want you to share pleasure of the art.
 By the now exhibition, I introduce approximately 380 points of works of Hideki Imoto contributing to local cultural activities as an artist again based in Marugame-shi as the secretariat of “Kagawa, the range art festival”. Imoto described an everyday casual event with original viewpoint and humor. Living, pleasure and the joy of living of the author ooze out from a work, and an impression reaches people seeing the work.

[period] From Tuesday, April 18, 2017 to Sunday, May 28
[time] From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (as for the entering a building until half past 4 p.m.)
[entering a building charges] Monday (the next day but in the case of a holiday) free in the owners such as general 300 yen, university student 150 yen (permanent exhibition view charges / group to include is 20% off more than 20 people), less than high school student, the one, certificate of the physically disabled 65 years or older [closed day]
[sponsorship] Shioe, Takamatsu-shi art museum

“Taiki of 1,000 years”

“Car washing”

■Inquiry Shioe art museum tel 087-893-1800
■Please confirm the details such as exhibition-related events from formal HP.
 ”I talk about a pleasant music event with ひびびびび music” on Saturday, April 29, and) workshop “mends a carp streamer!” on 4/30( day

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