Of beach, eyelids, カーテンチェルフィッチュ

Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto holds “ of beach, eyelids, カーテンチェルフィッチュ”. This is drama performance / exhibition comprised by six that Toshiki Okada (the チェルフィッチュ sponsorship) makes under the theme of a boundary state that are a drama writer. is a new form of drama that Okada has begun to work on with Shinpei Yamada of the stage picture designer, and a reflected picture is an attempt to let the sense of the person transform display space by action to cause to the presentation space. Even if I exist as a picture, as for the figure of people (actor) playing it using the lines that the picture is fiction (I do not exist = there) but Okada wrote at the same time, it may be said. When I am tied to the imagination of the person watching it, and they were given reality, presentation called occurs in the display space.
I set three words that it might be for a hint to imagine it about the soft, vague state that was different that it was obstinate such as the boundary line and wall as for the title “beach, eyelids, curtain” of this drama performance / exhibition. is the attempt that is going to bring about the experience that had the quality that is new while sitting astride “a picture” and the both sides of two different forms called “a drama” itself. The audience will experience two domains called the fiction produced by place and of the reality called the exhibition venue at the same time.

An exhibit session: From Saturday, April 28, 2018 to Sunday, June 17
A venue: Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto
An opening time: From 10:00 to 20:00
A closed day: But Tuesday, May 1 is opening viewing charges on Tuesday *: The public: 1,000 (800) Japanese yen
      A senior: 800(600) Japanese yen
      A student: 500(400) Japanese yen (more than a high school student)
       Less than junior high student: Free of charge

*(in attendant one such as group / a lot of disability certificate (certificate of the physically disabled which, in), is higher than a booking /20 name, a nursing notebook, a mental patient health welfare notebook, health handbook of an A-bomb victim on application), train, bus 1st as for the tickets with JAF member’s card, an identification of green carpet supporter of the presentation
※The advance ticket is sold in this museum until April 27

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