from/to #5 Sachiko MURAOKA

from/to #5
July 16 – August 8, 2009

Muraoka’s oil paintings are composed of a vibrant array of fragments dispersed on a black painted surface. The lightweight shapes seem to form constellations and at the same time appear to be insignificant decorative elements. The jewel-like forms, devoid of size relativity, seemingly float and dispel the composition, making the audience aware of the larger image that spreads beyond what is visible to their eyes.

Sachiko Muraoka
Born in 1983 in Kanagawa and a recent graduate of Musashino Art University’s Masters program in oil painting. Past exhibitions include: “The Next” (2008, Gallery Stump Kamakura, Japan), “Skip!” (2007, Gallery Stump Kamakura).

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