Tadao Ando exhibition – challenge of the tenth anniversary of the National Art Center, Tokyo opening

An art museum exhibition page: http://www.nact.jp/exhibition_special/2017/ANDO_Tadao/
An exhibition homepage: http://www.tadao-ando.com/exhibition2017/

■Exhibition summary

Architect Tadao Ando (1941 -) known as the unique career called – which learned architecture by a former prize fighter, self-education sent the novel building work which beat a completion concept out in sequence in the world since I started a building design activity as “urban guerrilla” from 1969. I enlarge the stage of the achievement in the world after the 1990s and, in each country including the Asia Europe United States, realize an eager work. On the other hand, I show the environmental reproduction more than the frames called the building and a social activity such as the earthquake disaster revival the daring approach more.

By the book exhibition, an architect of this 稀代 lives to a cuttlefish and I make it how and I divide the trace of – magnificent challenge and the prospects to the future into six “origin / house” “light” “space of the blank” sections “bringing up” “to make the thing which does not keep the thing which there is alive” “to read a place” where you are going to just leave for again and introduce. The space design that a model and sketching, more than 270 points of design documents including the drawing in total are displayed is a thing due to the hand of Tadao Ando. The person visiting the venue relives the distance that an architect walked inside around the space and will be to reconfirm the richness of the culture called the building and the infinite possibility.

From Wednesday, September 27, 2017 to Monday, December 18

■Closed day
Every Tuesday 

■Opening time
From 10:00 to 18:00 Friday, Saturday until 20:00
※Saturday, September 30, Sunday, October 1 until 22:00
※Until 30 minutes before the entrance closing it

National Art Center, Tokyo plan exhibition room 1E+ outdoors exhibit space

National Art Center, Tokyo, TBS, Asahi Shimbun

■The cosponsorship
Tadao Ando architecture exhibition executive committee

General Tokyo authorized architect society, TBS radio

■The support
Sankei Building, Suntory Holdings, Sekisui House Ltd., Sekiwa Real Estate Kansai company, DAIWA HOUSE INDUSTRY Co., Ltd., Mori Building, amana Inc., Issey Miyake, Ito Koji, Osaka business and industry credit association, Kano artisan Kotobuki hermitage, resting dragon mountain Anyo-in Temple, 捨分之壹, 上海元祖夢世界置業有限公司, new bloom rouge star international open space, Super Hotel, 台灣南山人壽, ビギ, public interest incorporated foundation Fukutake foundation, sentence international, Benesse Holdings Inc. old, frontage, ROCK FIELD Co., Ltd., Akio Nagasawa Gallery, Aurora Museum, C.C. Kuo, Château la Coste, Genesis Beijing, IPU International Pacific University, maiim, Richard Sachs, Wrightwood Gallery, Yoshii Gallery New York, Iwata Jisaki construction, OBAYASHI Corporation, KAJIMA CORPORATION, KINDEN Corporation, SHIMIZU Corporation, Hiizu Sato, Taiko electric equipment, Takenaka Corporation, Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd., NOMURA Co., Ltd., HASEKO Corporation, Makoto construction, Tadao Ando Building Res. Inst., atelier Tadao Ando

Aica Kogyo Co., Ltd., interchange office, CASSINA IXC. Ltd., GANTAN BEAUTY INDUSTRY Co., Ltd., MAEDA Corporation, union, LIXIL, TOTO Ltd., YKK Corporation, YKK AP

■Viewing charges (tax-included)
On the day 1,500 yen (the public) 1,200 yen (university student) 800 yen (high school student)
Booking / group Bringing (including one attendant) is no charge for admission with less than 1,300 yen (the public) 1,000 yen (university student) 600 yen (high school student) junior high student and a disability certificate

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