Conte et Raconte Ⅵ – Nocturne Indienm

[Program title]Conte et Raconte Ⅵ 
[Film title] Nocturne Indien
[Date] 2010.12.4-12.26
[Screen time] 1h 50min

Film : 1989/France/Color/110min./35mm/English with Japanese caption

Date : December 4 – 26, 2010
Every Saturday and Sunday (Admission Free with reservation)上映Time : 11:00 / 14 :00 / 17:00 
Reservation : TEL 03-3569-3300 (Open Hour : 11:00~19:00) 
FAX 03-3569-3612 

About program
Stories, passed down through generations, are a bridge over the national borders, over the ages, tying those who are in distant places. As the last film of the “Conte et Raconte” program for the year 2010, we show “Nocturne Indien” by a French director, Alain Corneau. This film is based on the eponymous novel written by an Italian novelist, Antonio Tabucchi. This beautiful and ephemeral novel is an interpretation of the poetry of Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese poet and Tabucchi’s favorite, through the land and the lives in India. In the film, Alain Corneau captures the southern India’s ancient glory, its crowded streets and its nature, translating Tabucchi’s novelistic world into images and a temporal art, where various stories from distant time and place form a palimpsests and echoes each other. Mirroring the title of the cinematic program presented by Hermès this year “Conte et Raconte”, this literary work also has been “raconté” (French word for “re-told”) over time. It is a gem left by the French director, who died this year.

A Frenchman named Rossignol comes to India in order to find his friend Xavier, who has disappeared there. Tracing Xavier’s footsteps across the country from Bombay to Madras to Goa, Rossignol visits places and meets people that crossed their paths with that of his friend. As he does so, he finds himself straying deeper and deeper into this chaotic and impenetrable world that is India.

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