La vibration renfermée by Takehiko Sanada

[Title] La vibration renfermée
[Artist]Takehiko Sanada
[Date] October 25 –December 29, 2002

Creatures, minerals, material substances, light. All formed of different vibrations.

Life lies in a certain space that is beyond the cognition we receive from bodily sensations.

There is no inside or outside to divide the surface. The inside continues into the outside, and the outside into the inside.
Lines gather and become the surface, creating a space for existence.
Nothing divides the I from the Other, and we are all contained in, and at the same time excluded by the surface. This is a place which is shared by all things.

The body has numerous orifices – eyes, nose, mouth – and also pores in the skin, and so it can ‘open’, to offer a space that connects though penetrating light with the inside world, liberating life, the body coexisting with its external environment.

Takehiko Sanada

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