The Hunt – Leila Menchari

[Title] The hunt
[Artist] Leila Menchari
[Date] December 7, 2001 – February 12, 2002

“The hunt announces its victories with trophies of feathers in gay colours. Fringes and edgings gamish shawls and skirlets. Wood fires make wood fires and silk plumes. Times to a violet shadow falls on hazelnut grounds. Plum and ruby, violet and chestnut. Fluttering like batting eyelashes under a golden dazzle. A mineralised orchard, bunches of agate, gourmet fruits destined for to be preserved. Animal heads supporting dishes of game. Pathways of stolen scents, blackberries and blueberries. Beyond the park gates vineyards laid out in rows across rolling hills. Impressionist landscapes, vibrating watercolours of soft acids, full of mottled purple. Pretty gleaners gathering summer fruits.
Leila Menchari

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