Stitch by Stitch

7.18 – 9.27
Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Museum (Shirokane Takanawa)

Kiyokawa Asami Complex-voice 2007
Photograph, embroidery thread
Photo Takemi Art Photos

A group show by eight Japanese artists using – as the title suggests – needle and thread as their expressive medium, a medium associated with ‘handicraft’ and ‘dressmaking’, an activity that women do in the home, revisited here in the context of contemporary art. Participating artists are Akiyama Sayaka, Ito Zon, Okamura Tsunao, Kiyokawa Asami, Takemura Kei, Tezuky Aiko, nui project, and Murayama Ruriko.

Also involving thread is the year-long project Knit Café in My Room by Hirose Mitsuharu and Nishiyama Minako underway at the 21st Century Museum of Art, Kanazawa (through 22 March 2010).

Stitch by Stitch

Knit Café in My Room

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