Things Worth Remembering 2010: Index

Things Worth Remembering 2010

Memory rarely behaves the way we expect. Often, it is the things that at first seem incidental that take on greater significance over time, while those that initially seem impressive can fade to the margins. Pressed into the service of producing a year’s-best list, memory is susceptible to conforming to external factors that compensate for its skittishness by imposing objective standards such as historical significance or standards of consensus. But to think in historical terms is to play to a projected consensus of the future, while consensus itself rarely ages favorably. In attempting to review the art-related events of 2010, we asked our contributors to assess the year in terms of memory rather than significance. The result is a subjective, poetic and meandering tapestry of things worth remembering that tells as much about our contributors as it does the year in art.

Additionally, in the spotlight section “Retrospect/Forecast 2010-2011,” we present complementary views on the year just passed and the year to come from two special contributors, Massimiliano Gioni and Jens Hoffmann, respectively.


Retrospect/Forecast 2010-2011

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