Opening/Closing this week (9.27-10.3)

Asia-Pacific area

Opening this week

Shelley McSpedden and Jessica Neath: “Views from the Vanishing Point”
9.30 – 10.23
Sutton Gallery Project Space, Melbourne

Chow Chun-fai
9.30 – 10.23
Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong

K. G. Subramanyan
10.1 – 25
The Guild, Mumbai

David Mitchell: “Amorphous”
10.2 – 11.28
Kathmandu Photo Gallery, Bangkok

Daniel von Sturmer: “The Cinema Complex”
Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney

Closing this week

Through 9.30

“Garden of Pine – Also Fierce Than Tiger Ⅱ”
Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing

Subramanyan KG: “Bangladesh Drawings”
Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

Through 10.1

Arunkumar H. G.: “Tract”
Gallery Nature Morte, Delhi

Bae Young-whan: “Autonumina”
PKM Gallery, Seoul

Through 10.2

Rosslynd Piggott
Sutton Gallery, Melbourne

Through 10.3

Roni Horn
Kukje Gallery (Space2), Seoul

“Multiple Choice”
Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland

Marco Fusinato: “Noise & Capitalism”
Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney

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