Opening/Closing this week (1.17-23)

Asia-Pacific area

Opening this week

“The Mundane World – Jiri Straka’s Ink Painting Exhibition”
1.17 – 22
Today Art Museum, Beijing

[Art fair] India Art Summit
1.20 – 23

Nino Sarabutra: “Live, Love & Let Die”
1.20 – 2.20
Ardel’s Third Place Gallery, Bangkok

Ho Tzu Nyen: “Earth”
1.20 – 2.20
Artspace, Sydney

“Asian Pulse – 10+1 Art Tactic Contemporary Art Exhibition”
1.21 – 3.13
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Closing this week

Through 1.23

Hyungkoo Kang: “Face to Face”
Arario Beijing

Dukki Kim: “My Home”
Gallery Hyundai Gangnam Space, Seoul

Yang Na and Mu Lei: “Wuti”
Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

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