Opening/Closing this week (8.2-8)

Asia-Pacific area

Opening this week

Zhan Wang: “Suyuan Stone Generator – 1 Hour Equals 100 Million Years”
8.3 – 10
Today Art Museum (Beijing)

Jiang Zhi: “Temperature of the Nerve Endings”
8.4 – 31
Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok

Allison Holt: “The Beginning Was the End”
8.5 – 19
Cemeti Art House (Yogyakarta)

Rirkrit Tiravanija: “(who’s afraid of red, yellow, and green)”
8.5 – 29
100 Tonson Gallery (Bangkok)

Manish Nai
8.6 – 9.11
Gallerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke (Mumbai)

Vincent Leow: “Tags & Treats”
8.6 – 10.17
8Q (Singapore Art Museum)

Anita Dube, Abhishek Hazra, Pushpamala N, Josh PS, Jeffrey Schiff, Mithu Sen and Seher Shah: “Spiral Jetty”
8.7 – 9.4
Gallery Nature Morte (New Delhi)

“Object Lessons: A Musical Fiction”
8.7 – 10.10
Adam Art Gallery (Wellington)

Closing this week

Through 8.2

Gareth Sansom / Julie Rrap
Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery (Sydney)

Through 8.8

“Don’t Hang Your Faith on the Wall”
Long March Space (Beijing)

Cai Guo-Qiang: “Peasant Da Vincis”
Rockbund Art Museum (Shanghai)

Shanghai Gallery of Art

“Collector’s Favorite”
Gallery Hyundai (Seoul)

Aaron Young
Kukje Gallery (Seoul)

Tim Yip: “Summer Holiday”
Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

Tsong Pu: “2010 Art from the Underground”
Taipei Fine Arts Museum

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