Opening/Closing this week(10.11-17)

Asia-Pacific area

Opening this week

Angus McDonald
10.12 – 30
Jan Murphy Gallery, Queensland

“Paintings by Amitava”
10.14 – 11.16
Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

“Afghanistan: The Perils of Freedom 1993 – 2009”
10.15 – 11.20
Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney

“Legacy and Creation – Art vs Art”
10.15 – 11.12
Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Shanghai

Closing this week

Through 10.12

“Work in Spreading: Images of Circulation and Retranslation”
Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing

Zeng Fanzhi
Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai

Through 10.15

Chen Shaoxiong and Tsuyoshi Ozawa: “An Unexpected Turn of Events”
Osage Gallery, Shanghai

Through 10.16

Ketaki Sheth: “Twinspotting”
Photoink, New Delhi

Through 10.17

Simryn Gill: “Gathering”
Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland

“Still Image: Contemporary Italian Painting”
Galleria Continua, Beijing

Jiang Zhi: “Attitude”
Platform China, Beijing

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