Opening/Closing this week (10.25-31)

Asia-Pacific area

Opening this week

“By Day, By Night”
10.25 – 1.3
Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai

Gabriel Orozco
10.26 – 11.30
PKM Trinity Gallery, Seoul

Kim Eun Kyoung
10.27 – 11.14
Gallery Hyundai, Seoul

Karl Antao: “Couple of Differences”
10.28 – 11.27
Gallery Espace, New Delhi

Jae Hoon Lee: “Nomad”
10.29 – 12.11
Gallery 4A, Sydney

Mona Rai: “Verk”
10.30 – 11.24
Gallery Nature Morte, New Delhi

Chen Shiau Peng: “Transition / Mapping”
10.30 – 11.27
IT Park Gallery, Taipei

Nedko Solakov: “I miss Socialism, maybe…”
10.30 – 1.30
Galleria Continua, Beijing

Closing this week

Through 10.30

Angus McDonald
Jan Murphy Gallery, Queensland

Noel McKenna: “Drawings from the Bath”
Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney

“From the Three Shadows Collection: Works by Rong Rong & inri”
Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing

Through 10.31

Chatr Jenchitr: “Intersections”
H Gallery, Bangkok

“In the Balance: Art for a Changing World”
Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Sydney

AES+F: “The Feast of Trimalchio”
Arario Beijing

Junko Koshino + Go Yananagi “Genre Crossing”
Beijing Tokyo Art Projects (BTAP), Beijing

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