Drawer in picture book Akiko Hayashi original picture exhibition

“I used it that I began it”, and が was born the story picture book which picture book writer, Akiko Hayashi dealt with for the first time, and approximately 40 years passed. “There was it, and, as for Hayashi, the “first camping” “houses of the leaf” brought about many masterpieces a state which “I get tired when I did not come” triggered by this work good evening”. The work of Hayashi whom I drew to freshness of each fluctuation and leaf of a few hearts that children show delicately easily is loved more than a generation by many people. I display the original picture and a document more than 200 points including the cut which I attached to masterpiece “first valuable work and Eiko Sumino product “Kiki’s Delivery Service” when Hayashi was active as an illustrator other than the picture book original pictures from “autumn to a most new work “chick” when I do not come” to use it” of Hayashi by the book exhibition. Please enjoy the world of the picture book which is full of the expressions that Hayashi draws.
An image: The Akiko Hayashi product, picture / Gospel building bookstore original picture is Miyagi Museum of Art storehouse when “I do not come, in autumn” for 1,989 years

A session: From Saturday, April 15, 2017 to Sunday, May 28
A meeting place: Takamatsu City Museum of Art
A closed day: On Monday
An opening time: From 9:30 to 19:00 (but I host closing / admission on Sunday until 30 minutes before closing at 17:00: Takamatsu City Museum of Art, Asahi Shimbun
Cooperation: Gospel building bookstore
Exhibition cooperation: Miyagi Museum of Art
View charges:
[the public] 1,000 yen (800 yen) ※Rate general more than 65 years old
[university student] 500 yen (400 yen)
[less than high school student] Free of charge
※(in) advance sale and more than 20 groups rate
※A certificate of the physically disabled, a nursing notebook, the mental patient health welfare notebook owner is no charge for admission
※The booking ticket is sold at art museum the first floor reception desk, Takamatsu-shi government office consumers’ cooperative, Yumetaun Takamatsu service counter, the Miyawaki Bookstore head office and the south head office until Friday, April 14

An inquiry: Takamatsu City Museum of Art TEL087-823-1711
◇Please confirm the exhibition-related events from “Takamatsu City Museum of Art official site”.

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