Busan Biennale 2018 (2)

Busan Biennale 2018: Divided We Stand
8 SEP – 11 NOV 2018
Museum of Contemporary Art Busan, former Bank of Korea, Busan
Artistic Director: Cristina Ricupero
Curator: Jörg Heiser


Museum of Contemporary Art Busan (2F)


Min Jeong Seo Sum in a Point of Time (2018)

Javier Téllez One Flew Over the Void (Bala Perdida) (2005)

Hayoun Kwon 489 Years (2016)

Yoo Yeun Bok & Kim Yongtae Echo-DMZ (2018)

Yoo Yeun Bok & Kim Yongtae Echo-DMZ (2018)

Hito Steyerl Die Leere Mitte (1998)

Onejoon Che, Installation view

Onejoon Che, Installation view

Kiluanji Kia Henda Redefining The Power (Serie Homem Novo with Didi Fernandes) (2011), Redefining The Power (Serie Homem Novo with Miguel Prince) (2011), Redefining The Power (Serie 75 with Shunnuz Fiel) (2011)

Zhang Peili Scenic Spot Open Temporarily (1995)

Maja Bajević, Installation view

Maja Bajević Just a Commercial (2017)

Bani Abidi An Unforeseen Situation (2015)

Bruno Serralongue Photographic report of the dismantling of the migrant camp known as “State Slum” or “New Jungle”, Calais, 24-27 October 2016 (2016)

Melik Ohanian BORDERLAND – I Walked a Far Piece (2017)

Nástio Mosquito 3 Continents (Europe, America, Africa) (2010)

Liu Ding Temporary Actor B (2015)

Marko Lulic, Installation view (Improved Partisan Monument)

Mina Cheon Missile Good Bye (2018), Three Graces (2014), Lil Kim (2014), Happy North Korean Children (2015)

Ulrich Wüst Berlin Mitte 1995-1997 (1995-1997/2018), Stadtbilder 1979-1983 (1979-1983/2018)

Amar Kanwar A Season Outside (1997)

Nikita Kadan The Possessed Can Witness in Court II (2015)

Khaled Barakeh THE SHAKE – Memory Scaffolding (2013-2018), THE SHAKE – Materialised Distance Ceramic (2013-2018)

Adrian Piper Unite (2005)

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