Dear Visitors,

Censorship is illegal. Despite of this fact, “After ‘Freedom of Expression?’” was unjustly removed from the Aichi Triennale. In protest of this decision, I voluntarily forgo the opportunity to exhibit my work.

Artworks and art museums do not exist to serve only what one wants to see, wants to hear and wants to speak. In a truly free democtratic society, its art institutions are intended to protect the dissonance of difference in every aspect.

However, an art institution has once again succumbed to the logic politics and committed an act of censorship. This is a serious violation. An artist cannot remain a bystander in the face of such violation that threatens our freedom of expression for the sake of politics. My work, Adieu News, was an inquiry into the absence of community amidst the emotional demagogy encouraged by the media. I am devastated beyond words that I cannot share my work with the viewers who have made the effort to come see the exhibition.

In withdrawing my participation in the Triennale, it is my wish that we will no longer have to bow down to illegal violence and pressure for safety reasons. I trust that the day when “After ‘Freedom of Expression?’” re-opens will be a day when we can co-exist freely and peacefully.

Minouk Lim

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