Objets agités – Short Film Selection

Courtesy: Light Cone & the right-holder / T&C Film Zurich / © André Amouroux / © Georg Rehsteiner / © Le Gentil Garçon


Objets agités – Short Film Selection

1. Ghosts Before Breakfast by Hans Richter
1928 / Germany / 6min / Black and White

2. The Way Things Go by Peter Fischli & David Weiss
1987 / Switzerland / 30min / Color

3. The First Last Song
4. Good Luck Mr. Chance by Le Gentil Garçon
2002 / France / 4min10sec / Color
2004 / France / 3min46sec / Color

5. Le Petit Dragon by Bruno Collet
2009 / France, Switzerland / 9min /Color

In May, Le Studio presents five short films brimming with playful spirit. The protagonists are all irrepressibly free-spirited objects.

Hats floating through the air, saucers dancing on a table… Hans Richter orchestrates a humorous spectacle that lasts until the clock strikes noon. Fischli & Weiss conduct an amazing physical experiment, in which pieces of debris undergo a chain reaction and transmit energy. Le Gentil Garçon stages a one-time-only avant-garde piano concert, and engages in comical mischief to an unknown. And a doll that was trapped in a box sets forth into a vast world, in a delightfully poignant kung-fu-themed animation dedicated to Bruce Lee.

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