16th Lyon Biennale: manifesto of fragility – Fagor factories (2)

16th Lyon Biennale: manifesto of fragility
14 SEP – 31 DEC 2022
Curators: Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath

Fagor factories


Sarah Brahim, Soft Machines / Far Away Engines (2021)

Markus Schinwald, Panorama (2022)

Munem Wasif, Fragments of a lost legacy (2007–2017)

Munem Wasif, Machine Matter (2007–2017)

Cemile Sahin, Drone Valley (2022)

Clemens Behr, Ruines Flottantes (2022)

Clemens Behr, Ruines Flottantes (2022)

Eszter Salamon, Study for the Valeska Gert Pavilion (2022)

Eva Nielsen, Reversal (2022), Zoled (2022), Polhodie (2022)

Dana Awartani, Standing by the Ruins of Aleppo (2021)

Phoebe Boswell, dwelling (2022)

Kim Simonsson

Taryn Simon, Paperwork and the Will of Capital (2015)

Abdullah Al Othman, Manifesto: the Language and the City (2021)

Christina Quarles

Ailbhe Ní Bhriain, An Experiment with Time (2022)

Jose Dávila, la science, comme la réalité, reste platonicienne (2022)

Richard Learoyd, A Murder of Magpies (2013), Sunflowers (2018)

Aurélie Pétrel, Minuit chez Roland [31 décembre] (2022)

Sara Sadik, Ils finiront dans des ravins (2022)

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