Fukuoka Asian Art Museum launches new website Asian Art Resource Room

Image via Asian Art Resource Room website


The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (FAAM), with generous support from the Ishibashi Foundation, has launched an English-Japanese bilingual website, Asian Art Resource Room, a learning space dedicated to deepening understanding of modern and contemporary Asian art, using the museum’s collection of documentation, information, and networks that it has accumulated over the years.

Since its opening in 1999, FAAM has established itself as a singular institution—both locally and internationally—by systematically collecting and exhibiting an extensive range of high-quality works of modern and contemporary Asian art. The newly-launched Asian Art Resource Room website, which makes use of the museum’s efforts over many years, offers “Art Terms,” a glossary of Asian art that allows users to learn about the development of genres, groups, institutions, and trends that are distinct from those of Japan and the West; and “Chronology,” a timeline of modern and contemporary Asian art that allows users to search and explore the chronology of selected topics by region or theme, including the transformation of the traditional arts due to colonization, modern art movements’ claims for cultural autonomy, the formation of art schools and exhibitions, the conflict between tradition and modernity, Asia’s emergence on the world stage, and little-known exchanges between different regions. The Asian Art Resource Room’s material will be expanded with further overviews of various localities and major artists, a bibliographic database of Japanese literature, and other features.


Asia Art Resource Room:https://asianart-gateway.jp/en/

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