Atsuhiko Misawa ANIMALS in Kumamoto

Atsuhiko Misawa is known as a modern sculptor on behalf of Japan. “Animals” which started production from 2000 is a masterpiece of Misawa who assumed an animal a motif, and I am dug at size of life size by a powerful chisel trace, and I wear it with oil colors, and it is done Aya by a log of 樟 (くすのき). The motif lasts for many divergences from the imminent thing such as a cat and the dog to a bear and an elephant, a large thing such as Pegasus, a creature in the imagination. The animals which Misawa produces hit overwhelming presence, and they are full of an expression to stir the feelings of the beholder variously.
By the book exhibition, I display the corner that reproduced an atelier mainly on sculpture and picture including the most new work, approximately 100 points.

An exhibit session:
From Saturday, June 24, 2017 to Sunday, September 3

A meeting place:
Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto
2-3, Kamitoricho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi

An opening time:
From 10:00 to 20:00
(as for the exhibition entrance until 19:30)

A closed day:
On Tuesday

View charges:
The public: 1,000 (800) Japanese yen seniors (65 years old or older): 800 (600) Japanese yen students (more than a high school student): Less than 500 (400) Japanese yen junior high students: Free * (in one group / a lot of disability certificate (attendant where is higher than a booking /20 name in) on application), train, bus 1st as for the tickets with an identification of society of JAF member’s card, a green identification of carpet supporter, the art museum friend of the presentation
* The advance ticket is sold in this museum until June 23

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