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Higashionna Yuichi and Ukawa Naohiro

Channeling the myriad contradictions of reality into their art Here are two artists who by their own admission do nothing to stress their Tokyo identity. Even so, the city is indelibly imprinted on their art: perhaps because they search forView More >

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Ernesto Neto

Isolation bound to the universe Text: Sumiyoshi Chie Portrait: Nagare Satoshi A universe of elastic fabric stretched tight in every direction, unhampered by the laws of gravity. Relax your body and trust your instincts and you’ ll find there aView More >

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■A Ai Weiwei part 1|Part 2 I’m fighting for freedom of speech. I never settle for less. I don’t engage in negotiation. Interview: ART iT Ando Tadao and Sugimoto Hiroshi Creating an alternative world: What is the ideal art museum architecture?View More >

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