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REPORT: A Talk on Works by Yishay Garbasz

Yishay Garbasz Footsteps (48), 2004-2009, C-print and text 48.5×60.5cm (image); 83.5×129cm (frame), ed.6 Naofumi Osaka, the translator of Yishay Garbasz’s “In My Mother’s Footsteps”, gave a lecture at Shinpukuji Elementary School in Kawasaki on the artist’s works. There were 54View More >

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NEWS: Christopher Williams / Bergen Kunsthall, Norway

Christopher Williams “For Example: Dix-Huit Leçons Sur La Société Industrielle (Revision 10) “ Bergen Kunsthall 15. JAN 2010 – 21. FEB 2010 image: Christopher Williams Clockwise from Manufacturer Name
(Outer Ring)
X M+S 89
Clockwise from Tire Size (Inner Ring)
135 R 15
72 Q E2 0281541
M + S
TFView More >

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Takeshi Masada “New Works”

Takeshi Masada’s new works are currently on the exhibition. With his signature bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors, Takeshi Masada skillfully incorporates into his work popular found images such as stills from B movies and TV shows, photographs of tribal ritualsView More >

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