Koutarou Ushijima Solo Exhibition “Words in place of objects make us fly off to unknown places”

3331 Arts Chiyoda is pleased to present the solo exhibition by 3331 ART FAIR 2019 recommended artist Koutarou Ushijima titled, “Words in place of objects make us fly off to unknown places”.

Ushijima incorporates into his artworks, which often combine the use of words, gathered objects picked up off the street since his college days or those he holds a certain attachment for. His works, each delicate and somehow familiar, cross into our minds and interact softly with our memory and imagination. One by one, narratives residing in objects are drawn out without an end. This is part of Ushijima’s aim to remove meaning and function from objects in order to discover their essential form of existence. Furthermore, his works put a slight pause on our tendency to become washed away by modern society overflowing with objects and words, which allows us to take a step back and reinterpret our surroundings.

In recent years, Ushijima’s works have moved one step further from the act of raising small histories and narratives hidden in objects towards capturing them as “personal histories” through collections of objects that become stored physically. The works bring identity back into objects that go unnoticed as if the artist is attempting to regain their place of belonging in the world. We discover this concept in works such as those presented in “the shape of the outside” in 2017, as well as the new series Ushijima started in 2019 titled “anonymous house”.

For this exhibition, we present over 800 curious items collected by Ushijima on the street titled “things from the street”, along with picked up objects and those that have a special meaning to the artist. Displayed in addition are the “intentional accident” works onto which Ushijima himself embroidered letters (words), and those part of the “method of arrangement” series in which objects are combined with “words” with which they have no actual thread of connection. Furthermore, the exhibition includes works from “the shape of the outside” – the first series through which the artist stepped into the concept of “storage” – as well as those from “anonymous house”.

This exhibition showcases an in-depth look at Ushijima’s path towards his most recent experiments in art. We invite you to join us in taking part in his renewed perspective on the world of objects and words.

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Period: October 19 (Sat) – November 10 (Sun)
Etc. : October 19 (Sat) 18:00-20:00 Gallery Talk & Opening Party November 3 (Sun) 14:00-14:30 Gallery Talk
Closed: Open throughout exhibition period.
Hours : 11:00-20:00
Admission: Free
Venue : 3331 Arts Chiyoda 1F 3331 Gallery

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